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Primer, barrier base, substrate, primer, alkaline colors

PIG = pigmented white
No. 0314 KOCH Ecoprimer Sil swipe primer PiG
Professional - craftsman quality
Chef Ecoprimer Sil painting
With silica sol

Suitable substrates: on old coatings . such as: plastic dispersion paints, silicone resin paints, mineral paints, silicate paints, natural resin paints.For old coatings with : Bio Silikatfarben, Bio Silikat Roll & Brush. Apply lime paint, lime plaster. Suitable substrates: For neutral, organic, mineral, substrates such as plaster, loam, concrete, plasterboard, gypsum plaster, gypsum fiber boards, lime cement and lime plasters, fiber plaster, masonry,

For renovations in old and new buildings as well as in monument protected buildings as well as in sensitive areas such as kindergartens, hospitals, schools etc.
Pigmented: white
Package size:
See offer
RAL 9010 dull matt white
Technical Data Sheet
Scope of application:
Interior and exterior

suitable for allergy sufferers


without plastic dispersion


strongly mold inhibiting




fully declared




without resins, plasticisers, solvents, VOC, essential oils




non-combustible class A1

Technical specifications
Density: about 1.25 g / ml
PH value :: approx. 7 - 8
approximately 0.20 ltr m² single coat
roll, brush, airless
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