21 | 06 | 2021


No. 0603 - 0760 Koch universal tinting concentrate


For tinting of colors and plasters in your desired color. Ready to use universal tinting concentrate without binder, plasticizer and plastic dispersion. For indoor and outdoor use.

whitewash emulsion paints silicate paints Silicone resin emulsion paints clean
Synthetic resin paints and varnishes oil paints Solvent-based paints Natural resin paints, clay colors paints
For further information, please refer to the data sheet or under the heading: usability.

All colors can be mixed with each other.

Available in bottle sizes: See offer
Black 1 OX Brown 2 OX Brown3 OX Brown 4 OX Brown 5 OX Brown 6 OX
Gray 7 OX Gray 8 OX Green 9 OX Green 10 OX Green 11 OX Green 12 OX
Green 13 OX Blue 14 OX Blue 36 OX Blue 35 OX Blue 15 OX Red 16 OX
Red 17 OX Red 18 OX Red 19 OX Red 20 OX Yellow 21 OX Yellow 22 OX
Yellow 23 OX Yellow 24 OX        

Color chart with tinting variants and consumption

    Colors with the name OX containing oxide
    ideally suited for silicate paints, lime paints, clay colors and plasters.